Why An Online Community Is Important For Your eLearning Programs

Have you ever built an online community for your learners?

Online community is like a social platform for the learners that enables interaction with one another.

It is one of the most important social elements that you add to your online training.

In this article, we will discuss why an online community is important for your online training leveraging on the several benefits.

Online Community For Your eLearning

Today, the online community is one of the most important social elements that you can add to your online training or eLearning. It facilitates active discussion among the learners as well as helps in instructor-to-student and student-to-student interaction.

The online community acts as the heart of your online training because learners from different locations can easily interact and learn from each other. If you are an L&D professional or independent trainer, it becomes very important for you to keep your learners connected with you and other learners. Therefore, it becomes important for you to create an “online community”.

Improves Your Online Training

Ideas and reviews shared by the learners in an online community can easily help you in determining where you lack and what you need to implement in your online training. These parameters can help you in determining the training goals of the learners and are a good way to improve your training. It creates a platform not only for the learners but also helps the L&D professional and trainers to improve their online training.

Online Community Enable Collaboration 

An online community acts as a platform where learners can put their meaningful thoughts about the training or for a single topic. Every learner has different thoughts to share and this enables an active participation of the learners in the community. This peer-to-peer collaboration and active participation enables discussion between learners and allows them to learn from each other and brings maximum collaboration to your community.

Bridge The Learning Gaps Of Learners

The peer-to-peer discussion in an online community motivates learners to do more, especially when an individual learner realizes that he/she is far behind the rest in the course. For example, if a learner finds out that they have little or no knowledge about the topics discussed in the community. He/she can easily get benefitted from the discussion and can easily set their learning goals. Various discussion points and views fill their learning gaps and improve knowledge.

Builds Learners A Team Player

One of the most important beauty of the online community is that it brings learners together in a platform. As an online trainer, you can assign them tasks and divide them into team defining a team-based task. Learners across the globe can take part in and act as a team to complete the task or play their role. They will try to complete the task and will put in their best to learn while contributing to the team. Thus, it facilitates team collaboration and improves learners’ behavior to act as a team player to accomplish a common goal.

Adds More Engagement To Your Training

Online communities add more engagement to your online training. It attracts the learner’s attention and helps you in creating a fun-filled learning environment. You can incorporate various games, quizzes, and puzzles in the community to create more excitement among the learners. This challenges the learners to perform more and they become an active participant of your training to be on the top of the leaderboard. This type of fun-filled activity leads to a better engagement rate of learners.


Today, the online community is an essential platform for the eLearning professionals and trainers to discover the latest trends in learning. Incorporate your training goals and course objectives in the community to improve the discussion in your community. Motivate, impact, and engage learners through the online community.

February 13, 2022
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