WPLMS vs LearnDash vs LearnPress vs LifterL MS

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about WPLMS. For this analysis, I am covering the features supported by the plugins and their add-ons.

FeaturesLearnPress   LearnDashLifterLMSWPLMS
Multisite Support ×
Course Builder
My Cred AddOn√ ($29.00)√($49.00)
Content Drip√ ($39.00)√($19.00)
√ ($29.00)××
Course Review
Course Builder
√ ($39.00)√($99.00)
Certificates√ ($29.00)
Multiple Instructors√($29.00)
Fill Blank Questions√(using import/export)√($199.00/year)
Random Quiz√($29.00)
Sorting Choice
User Notification &
Email Announcement
Mobile App×××√($49.00)
OTP Authentication×××√($19.00)
Parent User×××√($19.00)
Student Attendance×××√($29.00)
Gift Courses××√($19.00)
Real Time Push
Live Chat×××√($29.00)
Custom Programs/
Learning Paths
Mailchimp Integration×√($29.00)√($99.00)
Amazon s3 Integration
(with Instructor Privacy)
Student & Instructor
Specific Menu
Sell Quiz××√($99.00)

Each of our competitors has pretty big marketing budgets where WPLMS does not have any marketing team. This is one of the reasons why we outshine our competitors in every department. It is true that you can sell anything with marketing but we focus on quality.

8 responses on "WPLMS vs LearnDash vs LearnPress vs LifterL MS"

  1. Hi, I already setup website with woo commerce ready. I plan to setup multi-vendor marketplace like Udemy.
    The products focus on elearning material like video & ebook (mainly school course / tuition).
    Beside common instructors/sellers and users/customers management functions, I would like to include the following :

    *Once customer purchased, customer can login to view only for video (cannot download). If have option to set product expired date will be better) Example : video can view only one year from purchase date).
    *Seo friendly and responsive with mobiles & tablets on all browsers (Android or IOS)
    *tudent backend, instructor backend, transaction backend
    *Customer can buy from multiple products and/or multiple sellers.
    *Instructor dashboard tracks and monitors earnings and withdrawal settings including create course submit for approval.
    *Instructor dashboard -can view sales report, statement, withdrawal status &etc
    *Customers limitation setting on concurrent login. Example limited to X user (can be set)
    *Instructor comment/email on users quiz & etc
    *Course material protection. video can be preview but cannot download.
    *Can integrate Zoom Meeting/webinar
    *Possibility of Cyberpunk 2077 Mods

    Could you advise what keyed plugin/theme I need to use


  2. OK so I just got a business account at WordPress.com. That immediately meant I couldn’t use LearnDash, because they don’t like the “closed-up nature” of WordPress.com. I’m taking a serious look at WPLMS. My site isn’t set up as yet, but a major concern is that I can’t use PayPal and Stripe. They don’t do business on my little Caribbean island… too small a market I guess. I have 2Checkout set up with WooCommerce instead, and from what I’m seeing so far, I should be able to sell that way. My question is.. how compatible is WPLMS with the 2Checkout/WooCommerce hack?

  3. Yes I figured it out and started all over again at Siteground. But now I need help from a developer/ designer with the WPLMS setup and customization.

  4. How does wplms protect videos from downloading ? I want my content to be secured .
    If not default, I need a suggestion for any third party plugin or service .
    Please reply .I have to start the online study centre asap

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