WPLMS vs LearnDash vs LearnPress vs LifterL MS

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about WPLMS. For this analysis, I am covering the features supported by the plugins and their add-ons.

FeaturesLearnPress   LearnDashLifterLMSWPLMS
Multisite Support ×
Course Builder
My Cred AddOn√ ($29.00)√($49.00)
Content Drip√ ($39.00)√($19.00)
√ ($29.00)××
Course Review
Course Builder
√ ($39.00)√($99.00)
Certificates√ ($29.00)
Multiple Instructors√($29.00)
Fill Blank Questions√(using import/export)√($199.00/year)
Random Quiz√($29.00)
Sorting Choice
User Notification &
Email Announcement
Mobile App×××√($49.00)
OTP Authentication×××√($19.00)
Parent User×××√($19.00)
Student Attendance×××√($29.00)
Gift Courses××√($19.00)
Real Time Push
Live Chat×××√($29.00)
Custom Programs/
Learning Paths
Mailchimp Integration×√($29.00)√($99.00)
Amazon s3 Integration
(with Instructor Privacy)
Student & Instructor
Specific Menu
Sell Quiz××√($99.00)

Each of our competitors has pretty big marketing budgets where WPLMS does not have any marketing team. This is one of the reasons why we outshine our competitors in every department. It is true that you can sell anything with marketing but we focus on quality.

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