Gamification In Online Courses

Gamification has become a lot more common over the past few years. Now it has become a norm and is used in many online courses.

As per the various leaders of the field, 2017- 2018 was the year when the gamification in online coursesgot huge demand in institutional as well as the corporate sector.

Gamification is one way to make your learners work more enjoyable and more productive. Learners who enjoy while learning, perform better and stay with your online courses longer.

Comparison Between Gamified Training Vs Non-Gamified Training

From the above graph, it is clear that gamification boosts the motivation for learning, and decreases boredom and unproductiveness. It clearly shows thatcombining gamification elements in your online coursescan make feel motivated to the learners. Itcan also decrease the boring feeling.

While on the other side with non-gamified training, the stats are very low as compared to the gamified courses. Non-Gamified training also increases boring and unproductive among learners. 

89% Believe That They Will Be More Productive If Their Work Is More Gamified

According to a survey conducted by talentlms, adding gamification factor in your online courses can make employees and learners more than 80% productive and happy. The learners who received gamified training feel motivated by 83%. Those who receive non-gamified training feel bored and unproductive by 49%. So gamification in the workplace still has a significant impact on engagement, motivation, and psychology.

As per the recent report of TalentLMS, 2018-209 it is clear that 81% of learners were socially connected with each other in 2018 while it has been increased by 87% in 2019.  

Gamification In Corporate Training

Gamification in training the corporate learners is not a new concept. If you are thinking about adding gamification to train your employees, get started by checking out our talent software directory. According to our gamification stats, 61% of corporate learners have received gamification in training. We conducted a survey among the corporate learners to know in what kind of training they will prefer gamification more in?

As it turns out, the corporate learners will take more gamification based online courses in their training and in improving communication software.

30% of corporate learners prefer gamification in compliance training, 18% prefer training on products and services and 16% selected technical skills development training.

Gamification In Institutional Training

Whenever we talk about gamification in the institutional sector, we are basically turning students learning activity into a more game-like experience. This way, we can make the students everyday learning experience more interesting and engaging.

Many schools and educational institutes have implemented gamification factor in their teaching strategies to provide a better learning experience to their students. 

Here are the top 5 most motivating gamification elements that encourages students in taking your online courses more and help in better engagement. 


2. Badges

3. Points      

4. Leaderboards

5. Levels


Now, you can easily understand why Gamification in your online courses is very important. Do you want to implement various gamification ideas in your online courses? A skilled and experienced development team like- WPLMS can guide you through the process.

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