How To Make Your Microlearning Courses More Effective

Microlearning is becoming the need of almost every modern learner as well as corporate learners for better learning and development.

As we already know that microlearning courses are more effective as compared to regular online courses.

If you want to make your microlearning courses more effective then you can blend it with the different techniques.

In this article, we will discuss the different techniques that can be used to make microlearning more effective.

Make More Effective Microlearning Courses 

Microlearning makes your online training more effective and helps the learners in retaining their knowledge for a longer period of time. It’s short duration timing and concentrated information helps the learners in focusing on only one learning objective.

We can combine the different learning strategies that can make microlearning more engaging and interesting. Now, let’s dive in to see in detail the various learning strategies to make your microlearning more effective.

Artificial Intelligence Courses

Artificial intelligence basically tracks the data and information of the learners. Using these data it reviews the previous courses taken by a particular learner and based on that data it provides and suggests a particular course. 

Using artificial intelligence with your microlearning courses will help in targeting the learners who will definitely take your course. Therefore AI can make your courses effective as it can engage more learners.

Gamified Courses

Gamification has set up a trend in the field of online learning and all the courses developers are using it to increase the engagement level of the learners. When you combine gamification elements such as- such as badges, leaderboards, special characters, points, timers, etc. with your microlearning courses then the level of your courses becomes too high.

Using gamification elements, you can create video courses, interactive courses, simulation courses, and branching scenarios courses. Thus it can increase the level of engagement and attract more learners toward your microlearning courses.

Social Learning Courses

Social learning allows you to share your courses with the other learners and promotes collaborative learning. Using social learning you can build a custom discussion forum and groups across social platforms like- Facebook to discuss the various queries of your courses. 

Therefore social learning allows learners to interact with each other and they can share their views and opinions through discussion forums. Therefore social learning plays an important role in making your courses more effective.

Mobile Optimized Courses

In today’s mobile generation, learners are more concentrated on accessing their training courses on mobile devices. A microlearning course consists of bit-size courses, interactive PDFs, video lectures, mini-games, etc. therefore microlearning courses should be optimized for mobile devices so that the learners can easily access your courses.

Using an integrated mobile app to deliver your microlearning courses helps the learners in accessing your courses easily. Therefore optimizing your microlearning courses for mobile devices makes your learners more productive as well as engages them for a longer period of time.

Use A Combination Of Two Or More

Many online course developers are using a combination of two or more learning strategies to deliver their microlearning. Combining various strategies makes your learners more engaged. Keep changing the styles of creating your courses according to the need and demands of the learners. This will help you in being on the top list of the learner’s needs.


I hope this article will help in delivering more effective microlearning courses. Microlearning is a way to attract more learners and it makes your courses more effective.

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