Progressive Web Apps: The Future Of Mobile Learning

Half of the web traffic is now through mobile devices progressive web apps due to the increase in smartphone users.

Today’s learners want to access training courses on their smartphones and it has become a trend among learners.

Earlier, learners used to download mobile apps to access their training courses but according to a report it is estimated that in the U.S. app downloads are down by 25%.

Learners are much more interested in Progressive Web Apps enabled websites that have the core functionalities of a native mobile app.

Progressive Web Apps and eLearning

Web browsers lack several functionalities and that’s why we have to develop native apps for mobile learners. But today’s learners are no longer interested in exploring app stores and downloading apps because native mobile apps use lots of data and storage space. With the advancement in the web development method, Progressive Web Apps is changing the space.

Progressive web apps are web pages that have a feature like native mobile apps. Like a mobile app, learners can easily add your web app to their smartphone home screen. While access courses, it instantly loads the web content on mobile devices. Therefore, learners can take your courses even in the slow network connection and even in the offline mode. It allows you to send push notifications to your learners and have offline access to web apps.

Responsive LMS To Design eLearning

PWA powered Learning Management System easily delivers your online courses to the learners. These LMS are so optimized that it provides a responsive user-experience to your learners. PWA powered LMS is built around responsive approaches that work smoothly on mobile devices. Therefore instead of thinking about mobile apps for designing and delivering your eLearning courses, LMS helps in a better way to design and deliver your courses.

With responsive design techniques, mobile-optimized LMS makes sure that your content is built based around unique fits to screen size ratio and scrolling pages. We at WPLMS learning management system are more sophisticated to design and deliver your eLearning courses that are optimized for mobiles.

How Progressive Web Apps Are Changing The Mobile Learning

Learners don’t require to download any setup file and installation for accessing your courses. As a developer, you can easily add or remove features without updates. This makes learning extremely flexible and versatile.

PWA enabled LMS uses less data as compared to the native mobile apps. It syncs data easily and offers offline learning while native mobile apps don’t offer offline learning.

Progressive Web Apps easily adapts to the screen sizes of the smartphones and provides a better UI for excellent user experience. That is why learners are more attracted to PWA enabled LMS.

For course developers like you, progressive web apps are more cost-effective and efficient for delivering your courses rather than native mobile apps.

WPLMS PWA Powered LMS Advantages:

It is faster, easy to maintain, and update.

Your learners don’t need to go through the app store process to download any app.

Instant loading of site content with less data usage separates WPLMS from the other traditional LMS platforms.

Real-time content syncing.

Cross-device accessibility.

Fully Secure so that your course can’t be copied or downloaded.

Regular updates to keep you updated with new features.


Today is the age of mobile learning and PWAs are making it possible to deliver your online courses to the learners effortlessly. If you are looking for a mobile-optimized PWA enabled LMS then the WPLMS learning management system is the best option for you. If you want to know more about Progressive Web Apps then please get in touch with us.

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