Educational CRM System: Advantages And Its Uses

Are you looking for an educational CRM system to manage all your student data from the admission procedures to their final account?

If you are running an educational institutes or schools you must adapt to CRM technology to stay ahead in the competition.

Today we will see what is an educational CRM system, its advantages and how you can use it.

What Is Educational CRM System?

More and more educational institutions are now adopting Customer Relationship Management systems to attract, retain and serve their students. Viewing students and implementing a CRM can help an institution in gaining an edge in a highly competitive higher education marketplace. Educational CRM manages the whole process from inquiry to enrollment to alumni and beyond. 

Uses Of Educational CRM System

There are many uses which can be done by implementing a CRM system. The most important ones are inquiry management, student communication, admission notifications, enrollment management, analytics and reporting etc.

1. Inquiry management

The inquiries from the students can come from various sources like- social media, website, phone, chats, etc. The first thing you want is to capture them and keep them in one place. The second thing you will do is to get back to inquiries as soon as you can. In today’s competitive environment it is called speed to leads. 

Education CRM is enough flexible to integrate with all your lead generation channels to notify your admission team to act upon the new inquiries instantly.  A CRM will distribute leads based on a predefined admission officer based on zip code, city, the course of choice or any other parameter of your choice.

2. Integration With The Other Apps

Integration of CRM with other systems is often a costly exercise. But the days are gone now an education CRM should seamlessly integrate with the other apps to receive data and apart from that it also sync with your email and phone as well. Syncing your CRM with the email server will allow you to see all the conversations, chats, directories, in one view. 

3. Personalized Communication

This is one of the most important aspects of the education CRM system which provides you ability to communicate with the users. It is not possible for you to reply to each and every query. All you need is a virtual assistant which can answer all the queries of the students with high relevance and zero error. 

The CRM’s system have come across the way and provides an easy an easy solution with the powerful automation and communication. We at WPLMS also provide these CRM system with a simple, drag and drop workflow builder.

4. All In One Communication

An ideal CRM system will provide all the communication mediums built in the system like- calling, texting, emailing, maintaining spreadsheets, follow-ups, setting up reminders, reporting etc. so that you don’t have to leave the system.

Advantages Of Educational CRM System

There are many other advantages apart from the advantages considered below for student, institute and for vendors etc.

1. Reduction In The Cost Of Expenses

The CRM system allows your educational institute to have a proper use of your money in different areas such as advertisement for different courses and for the other external raw leads etc. It provides you the graphical view of how much return every medium is providing you in terms of the expenses incurred and helps you in generating more revenues.

2. Proper Tracking With No Errors

The CRM system allows you track leads and reduces the errors of duplication entries into your institute which ultimately reduces the time of the executive for following up with the similar lead which is admitted from different sources.

3. Increase in Margins

Educational CRM system helps in converting the students into an account because of the students are properly nurtured by reducing the time for the response for their queries. The chances of losing the lead is very less and by this way it increases the margins of the university schools, and institutes.


From the above discussion it is clear that every educational system must adopt CRM system for the record breaking enrollments and for managing their account as well. You must do your own research and decide which CRM system software provider options will work best for you. In the end, consider a CRM system which fits your unique process without leaving a hole in your pocket.  

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