How An LMS Makes Your Compliance Training More Effective

Compliance training educates the employees on company policies, laws, and regulations that apply to their day-to-day job responsibilities.

But what constitutes compliance training?

It basically consists of the code of conduct, ethics, diversity, equity, workplace bullying, etc. of the organization. 

Generally, these compliance training programs are dull, long, and sometimes irrelevant to one’s job responsibilities.

This article will show how a learning management system (LMS) can make your compliance training more effective and centric for the employees.

Compliance Training In The Organization

Compliance training is not just a formality at the workplace. It needs to be implemented by every employee working in the organization. In the current scenario, employees don’t want to keep the compliance of the organization so it needs to be more of a mindset of the employees.

Compliance training among the employees can be achieved by providing the learnability or training of the employees. When compliance training is merged with the training courses of the organization then employees will learn better while realizing the ethics, diversity, and equity of the organization.

A learning management system makes the training program interesting, engaging, memorable, and inspiring for the employees. An LMS removes the challenges of the compliance training and makes the compliance training into a matchless learning experience with the training courses.

LMS Makes Compliance Training More Effective

MicroLearning Training Modules

Compliance training with a longer set of rules and regulations can be dull and boring for the employees. An LMS represents your training in shorter modules that are focused on specific learning outcomes. Delivering shorter training of 4 to 6 minutes makes the content more engaging and accessible for the employees. You can also curate the training with related images, videos, and animations to create an effective training experience.

Scenario-based Training

Scenarios-based training makes the learning more impressive and engaging for the employees. An LMS with different scenarios modes helps you in building better training courses. The storyline takes the direction based on the learner’s responses and makes them feel that they are a part of the training. It is an effective way to instill a deep understanding of the code of conduct, ethics, and diversity of the organization among the employees. Scenarios can be built through games, templates, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.

Gamification-Based Training

An LMS platform with gamification or game modules can incorporate both gamification and game-based eLearning to increase the effectiveness of the training. Gamification-based training is a full-fledged game that delivers a certain set of learning objectives. Gamification elements such as scores, badges, and leaderboards keeps the employees engaged and motivates them to learn more. This influences the mindset and behavior of the employees towards compliance training.


Compliance training is very important for the employees working in the organization. Learning management systems like-WPLMS allows you to  author compliance training courses easily and makes it interesting and engaging for the employees. If you want to make your compliance training program engaging and interesting for your employees then WPLMS can be the best training platform to meet your goals.

July 13, 2022
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