Responsive eLearning To Meet Modern Learner Needs

Do you design your online courses to accommodate and deliver on multiple devices?

Forget about the days when learners only use desktop computers to access a fixed eLearning course.

Nearly 87% of learners of all generations use at least two devices to receive training from online courses. 

Today’s learners use laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, etc. and they often switch from one device to another multiple time per day.

Let’s dive in to see in detail why responsive eLearning is essential to meet modern learner’s needs.

What is Responsive eLearning?

Responsive eLearning is a single course that will look great across a variety of devices and performs well on all screen sizes. It effectively describes the accessibility of your online courses across multiple devices in an appropriate format. 

Introduction of responsive eLearning design frameworks developers works in HTML5 to produce a single version of a course. This is responsible for different kinds of devices and operating systems. When your online courses are transformed to smartphones or tablets with less screen width then it becomes “stacked” so that images are visible and arranged vertically. 

This means that your online course content will not be lost while using multiple devices. It just rearranged your courses intelligently in line with the dimension of the device that is currently being used.

Why We Need Responsive eLearning?

Online learners are turning toward mobile devices and use mobile devices to take online courses. According to a survey conducted by Tecmark, the average number of times a user picks up their smartphone in a day is 221 times to conduct different tasks. – [1]. 

These statistics show that learners are more addicted to the use of smartphones. They usually switch from desktop to mobile devices to take your online courses. As they switch between devices and expect a smooth transition from one screen size to the next so a responsive eLearning also helps to prepare for the future.

Benefits Of Responsive eLearning Design

Responsive eLearning helps your students to achieve their tasks and goals easily and efficiently whether they’re using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. 

Anytime, Everywhere Learning

It provides the flexibility of time to the learners. This type of training is mostly preferred by today’s learners. It becomes easier for learners to complete their training while switching from one device to another.

Better Engagement Of Learners

The responsive design of your online courses helps your learners in better engagement with your online courses. Including interactive videos, pictures, GIFs, helps you in engaging them with your online courses. 

User-Friendly Interface

It is important for the learner to easily navigate through the courses. Features like swipe, slide, zoom-in, and zoom-out of the screen while taking your online courses create a user-friendly interface among the learners.

Responsive E-Learning Course Is Worth Your Time

Designing a responsive eLearning course is a conscious choice by online course designers to target the learners that keep switching between devices. Well-designed responsive online courses are able to adapt seamlessly to various devices. It offers freedom and flexibility to the learners. So designing this type of course takes time and requires various testing. So, it is a one-time investment that will make the future of your online courses ready and will fetch better results.

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