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    Hello Vibe team, I'm experiencing troubles installing locally wplms using Wamp server. The specs are ok after setting php.ini, wp-config.php and initial_constants.php as described. WP: 5.5.3 PhP: 7.3.21 I'm trying to install the Academy with the setup wizzard. Despite good internet connection, firewall desactivation (windows defender), I seem to be unable to connect to your Amazon server to get the demo content. I never get to see the "post" and "page" items, while getting the red msg: "Unable to load file from server, reload this page. If issue persists, consult webhost,as your server is unable to load sample data from Amazon server." Nor the video links nor selecting the previously downloaded at demo selection stage did it for me. Please advise me on how to import the content manually. Thanks and regards,
    The problem is as stated. This is the file your computer is unable to load in 30 seconds : now a quick fix is to download these file. Host this locally in your MAMP server locally. Then at the content step add a "GET" parameter capture , like open this in the url : http://localhost/wplms/wp-admin/themes.php?page=wplms-setup&step=default_content&capture=http://localhost/wplms/wp-content/ so the last capture parameter has the URL of a folder (http://localhost/wplms/wp-content/) where it is going to locate the options.json and default.json in short : http://localhost/wplms/wp-content/default.json , http://localhost/wplms/wp-content/options.json hope this helps !
    Big thanks Mr Vibe, this worked fine and the content is now loaded.
    good to know this helps you closing this topic
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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