Features Added

  1. Custom Registration Forms. Tutorial
  2. Save Quiz answers feature
  3. Drip Origin : Starting point – Start date or Starting date. Tutorial
  4. Sync-Resync options to synchonise data : Tutorial
  5. Option to enroll new user to free courses upon registration in WP Admin – LMS – Settings.
  6. Question reusability in quizzes
  7. Unit Re-usability in courses
  8. Option to display free units only to logged in users
  9. Social Profile field group : Tutorial
  10. Google Captcha no-captcha key : Tutorial
  11. Related Courses switch in WP Admin – WPLMS – Course manager : Tutorial

Updated Components

  1. Option to disable Image screenshot in Certificate popups, for better printability of certificates : Tutorial
  2. New Quiz status for handling quiz submissions
  3. Remove Google web-fonts call when no google font is selected
  4. Autofocus added in Form shortcode
  5. Improvements in Quiz to support multiple submissions at a time.
  6. Default Blog style : Tutorial
  7. Default Block style : Tutorial
  8. Translation files with prefix for WP 4.6 & above.
  9. Added assignment in Course – Admin – User – Stats with the ability to mark assignment complete.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed : Course Status displayed in Course – Stats (Gradebook) for pursuing courses
  2. Fixed: Course – Admin search searches all the members
  3. Fixed: Remove back to course button in in course quiz results page
  4. Fixed: Wrong Hint in Course settings in Front end course creation
  5. Fixed : Course featured image not uploading in front end when the size of image is very small
  6. Fixed : Translatable Post type in error notification.
  7. Fixed : fatal error in some cases due to mb_convert function
  8. Fixed : is_array check added to fix notice in Vibe customtypes plugin
  9. Fixed : Custom page background not overwriting default background
  10. Fixed : Student getting 0 marks and quiz goes into under evaluation state.
  11. Fixed : CSS issue in single quiz page for non-logged-in users
  12. Fixed : Spinning animation fixed in loader for IE & Firefox
  13. Fixed : Loading icon added in course directory
  14. Fixed : Loading icon in course creation page
  15. Fixed : Show_in_nav_menus repeated in post type definition
  16. Fixed : Posts per page argument missing in carousels/grid for specific postids
  17. Fixed : Yoast SEO not working in BuddyPress directory pages
  18. Fixed : Removed outdated setting Force complete orders.
  19. Fixed : Site_url/home_url based on multisite or single site.
  20. Fixed : Hint fixed for Student retakes in front end course creation
  21. Fixed : Instructing courses count wrong in  all courses
  22. Fixed : Header style improvements for mobile
  23. Fixed : Close icon for menu not working in Mobiles.
  24. Fixed : Buddydrive warning message should have correct text domain
  25. Fixed : Drip feed not working properly in non-ajax mode.
  26. Fixed : Certificate not working in IE Edge
  27. Fixed : Warning message in Front end with PHP 7
  28. Fixed : Integration issues with LocoTranslate plugin
  29. Fixed : Course instructor subscription to course forum on forum creation.
  30. Fixed : Incorrect translation in Portuguese translation file
  31. Fixed : Accordion IDs conflicting with in multiple accordions on same page.
  32. Fixed : Added a filter for PMPRo has membership level function
  33. Fixed : Scripts not loaded on duplicate pages created by WPML
  34. Fixed : Duplicate metatags from Yoast SEO
  35. Fixed : Pagebuilder data getting garbled sometimes
  36. Fixed : Subscribed student name not appearing in emails
  37. Fixed : Unit comment touchpoint email not going to instructor
  38. Fixed : Js error from buddypress.js in rare case.
  39. Fixed : Select drop Question type shortcode answer capture.
  40. Fixed : EventON disabled shortcodes use
  41. Fixed : Added filter for assignments timer, assignment submission on particular date.
  42. Fixed : Global featured block
  43. Fixed : Mega menu not saving maximum posts count
  44. Fixed : Member profile forums pagination not working
  45. Fixed : Styling issue on contact page with transprent header
  46. Fixed : Retake quiz issue with non-ajax courses
  47. Fixed : Assignment time in Curriculum when time in days.
  48. Fixed : Unit pagination default page not highlighted.
  49. Fixed : Quiz reset with Course reset
  50. Fixed : tainted disabled in certificate generation, causing issues in specific browsers.
  51. Fixed : Student not unsubscribed from Course forums when unsubscribed from course




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