Countdown shortcode

From WPLMS version 2.8 we’ve added a new countdown shortcode. Here’ is how it works :
1. Select the shortcode.

2. Set the details

3. Embed the shortcode

4. Display :


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  1. kirillpo

    Excellent news! Thank you for continuous efforts on developing an already outstanding product. Is there a way to remove minutes and seconds from the shortcode? Sometimes it’s too much to show seconds, e.g. when counting down time to the examination which is due in 2 months.

  2. AccordWorldwide

    Hi, I have updated version 2.8, but shortcodes are not visible on course pages. Do I have to add anything in setting?

  3. tuaptitud

    When I update the page (refresh) the counter returns to the beginning. That’s no good at all.

    1. AccordWorldwide

      I hope there is a reply to this, because every time you visit the page, it shows same time that was set and not correspond to real time.

  4. mrloopz26

    I manually upgraded my theme via SFTP. I now have version 3.01 and this shortcode is not available.
    Please advise.
    Is something needed to turn this on?

      1. mrloopz26

        Thank you this worked.
        Can this countdown timer kick off an action? Like for example hide or show the next question in a quiz?

        The idea would be to have a 60 second timer that when expires would show the next question in a quiz.

        Thank you

  5. amir

    I can’t translate strings such as hours, days, seconds.

  6. ycarusjeremie

    Hello all,
    I want to know if i can change the label Days in french. For example

    Jours Heures Minutes Secondes

    How to make it?

  7. ycarusjeremie

    Hi everyone,

    Could someone help me. I have purchased the theme and i am working on it. I have created the countdown but i want to translate the Label into French. How could i proceed?

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