How to use Coding Tips

Most of the tips given in WPLMS tips and tricks forums comprise of small coding effort, which can be used to customize this. We choose this model over the preferred options model because WPLMS is a functional theme and there are just too many variables to customize. Giving all these options in options panel would really overwhelm users and add a lot more confusion and complexity in the theme.

For WPLMS Tips, we’ve created a custom plugin called WPLMS Customizer plugin. This plugin comes bundled with the theme and it a necessary plugin for the theme.
Once installed, you can use any tip given in this forum or in documentation.

Please note, many of the functions are inbuilt in the WPLMS Customizer plugin, the code is simply commented out. So before you go ahead with a tip, simply do a simply search (cntrl+f or cmd+f) in Plugins Editor -> WPLMS Customizer -> customizer_class.php , so that you’re not adding the function again.

Here’s a short video on how and where to add the tip code, all tips given in this forums follow the same pattern.



======== MORE =======

The second step to paste the code in the class or in the file :

You can also place the code after this line :

// END public function __construct

refer screenshot :

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