Mega Menu : Sub Category style

Feature : Displays Category – Sub Categories menu style for Mega Menu



#main-menu-item-2191 .sub-menu{width:520px;left:36%;}
.course-cat_photography-2_menu{background:#ea4c89 !important;}
.course-cat_business_menu{background:#7bbb5e !important;}
.course-cat_language_menu{background:#009dd8 !important;}
.course-cat_photography-2_menu a:hover,
.course-cat_language_menu a:hover,.course-cat_business_menu a:hover,
.course-cat_photography-2_menu a,
.course-cat_language_menu a,.course-cat_business_menu a{color:#fff !important;}

* Notes about CSS :

#main-menu-item-2191 is specific ID associated by WordPress to the menu item.

course-cat is the taxnomy selected

Terms such as

photography_2 , business , language are Term Slugs


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