Setting up Mega Menu in WPLMS

Final Output:

WPLMS mega menu
Mega Menu final output

Steps to create Mega Menu :

  1. Create a sidebar in WP Admin->WPLMS->Sidebar Manager

2.  Go to WP Admin->Appearance->Menus->Main menu (Menu which is connected to main menu location)


3. If you want to create the mega menu at “Features”, add a sub menu element (any menu element, like page,post,category.. it does not matter) and add it in “Features”.


4. Now, after adding the sample page in the menu, enable the widgetized Mega menu and select the sidebar as MegaMenu (created above) and select the number of columns you need to place in the mega menu as shown below.

5. Now go to WP Admin->Appearance->Widgets (or go to customize->widgets) and place the widgets in “MegaMenu sidebar”.

We have placed four custom menus in the sidebar. You can add text, image etc according to your requirements.

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