Translate using CodeStyling Localization plugin

NOTE: This plugin will work with wordpress bellow 4.6 version for users using wordpress 4.6 or above use Loco translate plugin for translation.

Download code styling from here .
and code styling preserver plugin form here .

From version 1.7.2 , WPLMS is now fully compatible with CodeStyling Localization plugin.
We recommend all users requiring Translation to use this plugin.

Here’s how you can get started with CodeStyling Localization plugin :

1. Go to WP Admin -> Plugins -> Add New
2. Search for plugin “CodeStyling Localization”
3. Install and Activate the plugin.
4. After Activation locate WP Admin -> Tools -> Localization

5. Now select “Themes” tab and locate the WPLMS theme. The plugin will auto-detect the translation files :

6. Now, you can edit the translation files from within the WordPress itself, and add translation. For this:

  • Click on “Edit” to edit the Language file
  • Locate the original string you want to add translation
  • Add the translation
  • Generate the Mo file

Protecting translation files from Update :

1. Install Codestyling preserver plugin.
2. Backup translation files by opening following URLS and save file on desktop: is your site.

2. After backing up, update the theme and plugins.
3. Upload the files back in their respective locations.
4. Now, go to WP Admin -> Localisation and re-scan the translation files.

IMPORTANT FAQs about Codestyling plugin

Codestyling plugin is great but is has few shortcomings. following FAQs will help you in fixing these.

1. Codestyling translations are added in the Theme/Plugin languages folder which gets overwritten on theme and plugins update. We recommend using Codestyling preserver plugin which copies and merges the update changes in your translation files and you do not have to worry for your translation being removed by theme or plugin updates.

2. Sometimes we have to add a translation string in between the code which updates the translation indexes, in which case you need to update the translation indexes of your translation files. If you’re not using codestyling preserver plugin you’ll need to re-scan the translation files/

3. Codestyling plugin assumes translation languages as xx_XX.po/.mo which is not always correct. Refer this link to check your country language locale :

For example for language : arabic the locale is ar so the translation files should be ar.po and however codestyling plugin would generate files as ar_AR.po and , to fix this you need to login via ftp to your server and rename the translation files located in wplms/languages or plugin/languages folder.




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