User guided tours , Walkthrough

In 2.8 we have introduced tours(walkthroughs) in wplms .




Video Tutorial :


To begin with please enable tours from wp-admin->lms -> settings :

After enabling this you will find tours tab added in your profile :

Here you can select the tour to start .

In case of course pursue tour user need to click on “start course” , “continue course” button .

You can also enable all course tours by default from wp-admin-> lms -> settings  :

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  1. iharnawan

    theme updated but the “Tours Setting” didn’t show up

  2. alexarosario

    This is awesome! I tried to test it out and when I click “start”, it doesn’t work… I tried on both Safari and Chrome and it doesn’t work 🙁

  3. EmanuelGT

    What about modifying the steps on the tour? or translations?
    Also, it would be good a tooltip at the very beginning of the tour saying “Click on the Start Course Button to begin the tour” otherwise the user may stay on that screen waiting for the tour to begin.

    It would also be great to use overlays to highlight the component to use, bringing attention to the students. Maybe something like this:

    Is this possible?

  4. homeforsell

    Where we can translate for words on Tours?

  5. jungdchinese

    I updated my theme to 2.8.
    But I can’t see Tours setting’ paragragh in LMS settings.

      1. Erizo

        A simple question, as are two buyers who need an answer on the translation of Tours… Is it so difficult to answer?

        1. No it is not. Open the file : and translate the words. Keep a backup of this file and a 3 -4 line code will help you use the translated version.

  6. Hello from Spain
    Could you tell me the file / plugin I modify translate the ‘tour’ to the Spanish language?

    1. You’re correct. Sorry about it, we’re releasing an update for vibe course module today.

  7. frankdage

    Is it possible to rather than have tours tab, just enable them based on the page that you are in.
    Also is it possible to create your own tours??

  8. italymadeeasy

    Awesome features!! But it keeps popping up. Not just the first time a user does something (take a course or as quiz). It shows up every time they go back to the course or take a quiz!

    Is this the desired outcome?

    1. No, currently it works only 1 time for every tour, if you enable the default tours. The user can re-initiate any tour from Profile as well.

  9. Angella

    Question – as students are going through the tour, if they complete questions in a quiz, or view a video, is this actual logged activity or is the tour a demo environment for the student? Either way, this is a brilliant addition to the platform!

  10. Masis

    Hi, I have two questions to be able to buy the theme. Unfortunately it is more than two weeks I can not get the answer of these questions. So please answer them fully not partly so that I can make my purchase decision As Soon As Possible.
    1. Is this GUIDE feature included in the 75$ price that I pruchase ? Or I have to purchase a separate plugin to have this feature.
    2. Are the features described in the section “NEWLY ADDED FEATURES” included in the 75$ purchase or I need to buy plugins to have these features?
    3. Are all the feature described ander “Theme features” headline included in the 75$ purchase or I have to purchase additional plugins to have those features?
    I expect really comprehensive answers to be able to make my decision.
    Thank you very much for comprehensive answers.

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