WPLMS Batches Statistics Visibility options

From WPLMS Batches version 1.2 we’ve now added a new visibility option for Statistics tab in Batches.

The setting is located in Batch/Group – Manage – Batch settings :


Please below video tutorial for further details :


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  1. icmelearning

    I think the Batch plugin looks great for what it is intended. I am anticipating getting it for a different reason and I wonder if perhaps it will suffice or if there is another way to achieve what I’m looking to do.

    I like how the Batch moderator has the ability to view the statistics for the batch, but they can’t edit the course, etc. I am looking for a way to give specific users the ability to view the statistics for a course, but not have the ability to edit the course or admin students. I would want this ability to be course specific, so that the specific users could only view stats for specific courses, not all courses. By viewing statistics I mean viewing the stats page as well as being able to download the statics CSV as well.

    It seems that the Batch plugin would let me do that, by requiring users to be a member of a batch to take a course, creating one batch for the course that users would then have to join (we’ll call this batch “all course students batch”), and then assigning the specific user (we’ll call this user “statchecker”) as a moderator with statistics visibility. The drawback to this method is that it now locks me into only having one batch for the course if I want statchecker to be able to view the stats for the entire course in aggregate. If I create a second batch for the course (for example a time specific batch that we’ll call “time batch”), now students will have two batches to choose from when signing up for the course (“all course students batch” and “time batch”). I could make statchecker the moderator on both batches, but now my “all course students batch” doesn’t really contain all of the students from the course since the students in “time batch” aren’t in “all course students batch”.

    Is there a way that I can give statchecker the ability to check the stats for all of the students in the course and still use the Batch add-on as intended? We tried setting up statchekcer as an Instructor on the course, but that also gave statchecker more capabilities than we’d like and that also listed the person on the fronted for students to see which we didn’t want. Is there a role that just allows users access to course statistics?

    1. Ok , I understand the requirement, you need like a permanent user who can view stats of all the groups. We can check this, maybe there is a filter in Buddypress moderator check which could allow us to bypass for selected users. Post this in support forums and we can check this.

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