Wplms h5p addon

Features :
1. Integrates H5p plugin with wplms .
2. Marks unit as complete as soon as user completed h5p playground .
3. Integrates Wplms quizzes with H5p quiz .

It REQUIRES the WordPress H5P plugin .

How to use   :

1. to begin with it please create or upload h5p content .
2. Then note that id of the content and add shortcode your unit quiz like this :

[wplms_h5p id=”2″ unit_id=”2516″]

In above shortcode !st parameter is ” id ” in which your specify id of the h5p content which is 2.

Second is the unit id in which you are adding this shortcode   :

After adding the shortcode please simply try doing the course .It will mark the unit as complete and finishes quiz as sson as you complete h5p content .


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