Wplms h5p addon

Features :
1. Integrates H5p plugin with wplms .
2. Marks unit as complete as soon as user completed h5p playground .
3. Integrates Wplms quizzes with H5p quiz .

It REQUIRES the WordPress H5P plugin .

How to use   :

1. to begin with it please create or upload h5p content .
2. Then note that id of the content and add shortcode your unit quiz like this :

[wplms_h5p id=”2″ unit_id=”2516″]

In above shortcode !st parameter is ” id ” in which your specify id of the h5p content which is 2.

Second is the unit id in which you are adding this shortcode   :

After adding the shortcode please simply try doing the course .It will mark the unit as complete and finishes quiz as sson as you complete h5p content .


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  1. jackal


    Is there is anyway to start the quiz before displaying H5P quiz. Because right now the WPLMS quiz timer is not started while doing the included H5P quiz?


  2. Prolearner

    hello, when I do this, I can successfully add the H5P module to the quiz. However, the next unit progress does not occur; i.e., even after I complete the quiz with correct answers, I cannot move to the next quiz / unit –> the next unit button does not show up.

    Can you please help me figure this out?


  3. italymadeeasy

    This has not been updated in a while. Will it still work if we try to implement H5P with WPLMS Assignments?

  4. HI! I would like to know if there is a way to have notifications when someone completes a quiz if this is inside a unit and not set in the quiz page for example?


    Is the H5P scoring taken into consideration by wplms quiz when giving the final quiz score? Thanks

  6. Feiyeung kwok

    Will it work with the newest H5P from H5P.org?
    Can we add a course id to work with wplms? so we can browse all H5p from the select course?
    I plan to use lots of h5p with my online lesson.

  7. MeesterGijs

    Is it possible that the embed code no longer works?

  8. Ergomotion_857

    the embed code is not working anymore and wplms still has to fix this issue!

  9. Dan

    Any updates made on h5p? I would like to purchase it but mainly for h5p could you please confirm it works with h5p?

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