Wplms phone auth



  1. login using mobile number verification code .
  2. Registration using mobile number verification.
  3. Compatible with custom registration forms and Buddypress registration




  1.  filling up the live credentials from firebase :
    i. Install and activate plugin .Its just like chat plugin .you will need to put license key for Live -> addons .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtcN92xD9lwTo start with you need to add all the details asked for firebase in wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> Live -> live tab  :to add the settings please follow this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYlYBGfvHas

    ii. enable the phone authentication sign in method from firebase :

    iii. add your site domain (site.com ,without http or https) authorised domain settings in firebase app

  2. Create a Phone number field from wp-admin -> Users -> Profile fields if not created .
  3. To enable phone verification goto wp-admin -> lms -> live -> phone auth .
  4. To make the phone verification work you have to choose your Buddypress Phone number profile field .




  1. Only one phone number allowed per user .There is a verification check if a phone number is used by any other user .
  2. User wont be able to change phone number without verificaiton .


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  1. Will the phone verification work with registrations happening at the time of checkout with woocommerce?

    1. Alex

      Well we have not implemented this on woocommerce checkout yet .

    1. Alex

      Coz it used firebase and you have to fill up your firebase details just like you do for chat plugin .

  2. Debajyoti Banerjee

    I am from India and tried repeatedly to purchase your phone auth plugin but it’s not working. I am not sure why PayPal is showing error (with all visa cards )Do you have any alternate method of payment so that I can purchase it ? Please look into it. Thank you . I have also mailed you at vibethemes Gmail Id.

  3. naidur

    i have taken the plugin yesterday but i don’t receive license key yet what shell we do

  4. jhonhisar

    I dont use chat plugin in wplms. So please describe step by step how to use this add on

  5. Adam

    is there any shortcode available for this plugin so I can use anywhere ?

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