WPLMS site import and export

In wplms 3.2 version we have added a new feature: Wplms Site import and export feature is built for the users who want to export all their wplms content to a new wplms website.


Following are the steps to export your content from the wplms website.

=> Go to wp-admin -> appearance-> Export Wizard, refer:

=> Now you’ll be taken to the export content page where you can add the export title, this is the file name which will be downloaded.

Please make sure this filename only contains the characters, – or _ , there should not be any spaces between the file title.

=> After downloading you’ll get the download button to download the zip file, refer:

The exported content is saved in the wp-content/uploads/export_demos folder as a backup and the downloaded file is saved in your downloads.

=> Done.

So now you have successfully exported all your wplms content with wplms settings in a zip file.


  • When you export the content, then all the images on the website are saved in the image folder inside the export folder.
  • The all the posts and their taxonomies are saved in the default.json file.
  • The menu id is saved in the menu.json file.
  • All the wplms option panel settings, permalink settings, lms settings, vibe customizer settings, etc, all the settings are saved in the options.json file.
  • All the widgets and their settings are saved in the widget_options.json file.
  • All the widgets positions are saved in the widget_positions.json file.



Following are the steps to import your content from the wplms website to a new wplms website.

=> While running the wplms setup wizard normally perform all the steps and reach to the style step.

=> Now on this step you’ll see an option to upload the zip file, refer:

=> Now normally run the setup and complete it.

=> Done.

This will override the content and will import the content from the zip file that you uploaded there.

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