WPLMS v4.0

Important Notice :

WPLMS version 4.0 is a major update of the WPLMS Framework. While updating the theme does not cause any changes in your site and it works perfectly with all the plugins you have. You will see a notice to install WPLMS Plugin and VibeBP Plugin. This step in “Not Mandatory” and you can simply dismiss the notice asking you to install these plugins.

You will not get any further updates for plugins Vibe Course module, Vibe Customtypes, Vibe Shortcodes, WPLMS Dasboards, WPLMS Assignments, WPLMS FrontEnd.

If you have have a working site with users, you can chose to stick with the 3.9 plugins. The WPLMS 4.0 is fundamentally different in its approach for the eLearning. Please see this video :



The update is designed in a way that you can easily upgrade and downgrade from 4.0 framework. However, if you face any issues we are available for live help at facebook.com/vibethemes



Currently Compatible WPLMS.io Plugins for v4 (updated 30th July) :

Check all addons at demos.wplms.io/playground , login as [email protected] and pwd : [email protected]

PluginCurrent StatusEstimated Compatibility
WPLMS WooCommerceCompatible
WPLMS PDF CertficatesCompatible
WPLMS BatchesNot Compatible30th July’20 Live
WPLMS Custom Learning PathsNot Compatible30th July’20 Live
WPLMS S3Not Compatible31th July’20
WPLMS ParentUserNot Compatible31th July’20
VideVibeNot Compatible31st July’20
WPLMS Unit timingsNot Compatible5th August’20
WPLMS AppointmentsNot Compatible10th August’20
WPLMS Push notificationsCompatible
WPLMS Phone AuthNot Compatible
WPLMS MailchimpCompatible
WPLMS WooCommerce MembershipsNot Compatible24th July’20 Live
WPLMS WooCommerce SubscriptionsCompatible
WPLMS ActivecampaignCompatible
WPLMS getResponseCompatible
WPLMS GroundhoggCompatible
WPLMS ZapierCompatible
WPLMS SMS NotificationsCompatible
WPLMS Instructor MembershipsCompatible
WPLMS GroundhoggCompatible
WPLMS Custom Certificate CodesCompatible
WPLMS User Generated quizCompatible
WPLMS ChatCompatible[Upgrading for VideoChat, 31st August’20]
WPLMS GradebookInbuilt
WPLMS Application formsNot Compatible
WPLMS CoAuthors PlusCompatibleLive in 4.03 update 23th July’20
WPLMS eventOnNot Compatible[31st July’20]
WPLMS GANot Compatible[]
WPLMS Gift CourseCompatible
WPLMS BadgeOsCompatible
WPLMS MyCredNot Compatible[5th AUGUST’20]
WPLMS WishlistNot Compatible[30th July’20] Live
WPLMS Unit AccessCompatible

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  1. Jared

    Can you put Paid Membership Pro on that list with an ETA. thank you

    1. Yes, we will. We are checking how to add the h5p creator as now WPLMS is even more focussed on the front end.

  2. fuadmurad

    How do we use the new WPLMS 4 as a plugin with a different theme? I would like to build and design my own theme and use WPLMS with it? Is that how it works now? And if so how is that done? How would the login/logout work?

  3. followeuphoria

    ive installed this over and over and over again many different ways and the 4.0 is not working

    this annoying error saying i need to deactivate certain plugins to upgrade to 4.0 but this is. a fresh install .. even when deactivating this same thing happens ..

    over and over and over again ..

    ive given you my password many times then you say wait then days go by and nothing happens .. why are you doing this ..

    why cant you make your theme work out the box like other themes with out all the politics and complications/?

  4. David

    Looks great!
    Great idea to be able to use Elementor in the course.
    Is it also possible to use Beaver Builder?

  5. Felipe

    I just bought Batches addon and did’nt notice that could be not compatible with wplms 4. In the table says it should be compatible since 30 July_
    Is Batches already compatible with Wplms 4?

  6. zatakk

    How about WPLMS Memberpress Plugin ? Is that compatible yet ?

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