1.1.8 VibeBp

  1. External link support in Profile and Logged in Menus
  2. Auto-login code now on native js, jquery removed
  3. Login trigger added for addons to open popup
  4. Login without reload, if user logged in to wordpress
  5. Last login time not recorded in BuddyPress

1.1.8 WPLMS and 1.1.7 VibeBp

  1. Group name in avatar search missing
  2. Tablet width distorted fix
  3. Repeatable Field Type
  4. Elementor Styles not enabled by default
  5. Button color fixes in Members area
  6. VibeBP exists check added in WPLMS
  7. V3 Single Unit Controls appearing v4 fix
  8. Reviews not displaying in courses.
  9. Upload unit type not working
  10. Force tie quiz with course, remove option to search for quiz.
  11. Star generation bug for courses
  12. Support for Custom Course Nav plugin added
  13. Collapsible Curriculum in Create course
  14. Added Instructor should see only Instructor controls switch in LMS – Settings

4.070 THEME Fixes

  1. Woocommerce Icons changed to vicons
  2. Theme icons with vicons
  3. Star icons with unicode characters
  4. WooCommerce template added for Bootstrap 4 support
  5. MegaMenu code for non-jquery added
  6. Label changed in Options panel for offloading heading scripts for third party plugin headers
  7. Added webp image support by default
  8. Installation for Academy Demo 4
  9. Vibe BBB Failed plugin issue resolved
  10. V4.js scroll handling.
  11. Fixed_block css class added for fixing any block in scroll mode. Used in Academy demos
  12. Translations Update

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  1. wiebkewetzel

    for some reason I cannot create a new support topic any longer even though I have still 4 months of support. The update to 4.070 didn’t come through to my site until now and I cannot check any WPLMS update settings as the WPLMS/ Vibe Options Panel 2.0 is entirely empty. I am running the site on the newest WP version (updated today).
    I really had hoped that things would have improved after my vacation, but it doesn’t seem so.
    Best regards,
    Wiebke Wetzel

    1. Wiebke

      I solved the update problem by switching to the old plugins and clearing cache. Then I could access the WPLMS/ Vibe BP options panel, confirm the theme updates (even though they were still active) and update the theme. After switching back to the new plugins the WPLMS/ Vibe BP options panel 2.0 does work again and also many issues I was having with the theme are solved.
      One new issue came up, though. I would like to post that in the corerct place so can you please make sure that I can create new topics in the forum again? Thanks!

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