Assign groups to users on registration

In wplms 2.9.2 we have added groups assign feature to wplms custom registration forms .
In custom registration form you will see a new settings for groups .

This select option is divided into two option categories :
i. Enable user to select from all groups
ii. Select selected groups to show in dropdown to select .
Note here that if you want that user should be added to only one group when registers through this registration form then select only one group from the list of group .There will be no dropdown shown to user but she will be added to that group upon registration .

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  1. MeesterGijs

    I use for schools. I know let schools pay an invoice and they then receive a coupon with 100% discount. Every student and teacher can then create their own account individually. My question now is…

    Would it be possible to have the coupon be connected to a group? So instead of letting them pick a group from a dropdown, the student/teacher is automatically assigned to a specific group (read: school) when they use a specific coupon. That’d be great.

    Why do I want this? I don’t want other students to see the names of schools that are also on my platform (GDPR/privacy) and I don’t want the process to possibly go wrong; students picks wrong school…



  2. Brandon

    Is it possible to make that group selection dropdown list a required field?

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