Make First section free in course.

NOTE: This is only for the courses which are sold through woocommerce products.

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to make the paid courses as partially free. Now in wplms 3.1 you can make the first section of your paid course as free for the students for trial purpose.


  • Enable the setting to make the first section as free from the course pricing section, refer: 
  • Now the students will see the “subscribe for free” button instead of “Take this course” button, refer:
  • Student can click on it and will be enrolled in the course automatically.
  • Now the students can start the course and can view every unit and the quiz present in the first section of the course.
  • When the student reach the second section then they’ll get the message to purchase the course to proceed further, refer: 

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    1. H.K. Latiyan

      This will be available in the wplms 3.1 version releasing by today or by tomorrow.

  1. Superbobrik

    Where the SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE text situated? could not translate it

    1. H.K. Latiyan

      This text comes from the vibe course module plugin.

  2. aliakbarataei

    Thanks a million, this is a great feature.
    I would love to be able to choose 2 or 3 first sections free and then for the students to pay, do you think it would be implemented any time soon?

    1. erpwebtutor

      What if they have to purchase directly? Do they still need to first subscribe for free and then purchase? If that’s the case then it may not be a good user experience. Let us know if the Subscribe for free is an optional feature or is it enforced on every student?

    2. H.K. Latiyan

      Thanks for suggestion, we’ll try to implement this in our future updates.

  3. zatakk

    Hi This should be ideally an optional feature. Let us say a new student would want to try one of the courses in this way. Fine for him. But when he decides to purchase a couple of more courses why should he again subscribe for free ?? I agree that it may not be a good experience for repeat customers.

  4. Superbobrik

    Hello, could you please update us all on next improvements of this feature? Is it possible to have both Purchase a course and Subscribe for free button?
    That is great feature but I now faces the situation that I got 1 course purchases because users have to subscribe for free.

  5. evertorres

    At this moment this not work properly. This functionality dont show the purchase message, only eliminates the posibility of advance in the course

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