Schedule Course Review Email

Hi, today we’ll learn about a new feature added in the wplms 2.8.1 version i.e. schedule course review email.

This email is only sent to the users who have finished the course and their course has been evaluated, but they have not added any review in the course.

Steps to set the course review email: 

  1. Please go to wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> emails -> email schedule -> Schedule Course Review Email 
  2. Now enable the  course review email.
  3. Set the number of days after which the email should be sent, i.e. the email will be sent after this number of days the course has been evaluated for the user. 
  4. You can click on edit email template to edit the email according to your requirements. 
  5. Done.

Result : 

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  1. Gustavo

    Hi Mr Vibe and team,

    Thanks for the feature.

    Is there any way to configure emails to guarantee the best deliverability and avoid them to be held on Spam Boxes? Or we must to have a transactional email service such as Madril, Amazon SES, SedinBlue and son on? 🙂

  2. EmanuelGT

    Is it possible to schedule this reminder email event the course has not been completed, just schedule it to be sent a week after the user subscribed to the course??

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