Site Stats Shortcodes

Following short-codes are available for displaying site stats :

Shortcode : vibe_site_stats


  1. total : Displays total number of users in site
  2. courses : Displays total number of courses in site
  3. instructor : display total number of instructors in site
  4. groups : display total number of groups
  5. subscriptions : Total number of course subscriptions by all users
  6. sales : Total sales amount of courses
  7. commissions: total commission earned by instructors
  8. posts : Total number of blog posts published
  9. comments : Total number of comments on the blog posts
Sample use :

[vibe_site_stats total=1 courses=1 instructor=1 groups=1 subscriptions=1 sales=1 commissions=1 posts=0 comments =0]


Sample use :

[vibe_site_stats total=1 courses=1 instructor=1]

Output :

To get only the number/value use the shortcode :

[vibe_site_stats members=1 number=1]

This will return the total “number” of members.

Important : The list created has class site_stats and the numbers are encapsulated in span tag for styling.

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