it’s the integration with Active_Camapign Plugin useful to create your course-specific lists in the active_campaign’s lists section. add the users in the contacts section in the active_campaign.


  1. Sync members to your site into the various lists.
  2. Enable subscription to the newsletter in BuddyPress registration.
  3. Enable subscription to the newsletter in Woo-Commerce Checkout.
  4. Auto Create course-specific lists for all the courses.
  5. Auto-sync course members into the lists according to the course subscription.
  6. Auto-add users to the course list on subscribe and remove on unsubscribe.

Active_campaign Settings:

  1. Create an account on Active Campaign.
  3. get the URL and API KEY from the above section.

WPLMS Settings:

  1. Enter the URL and API KEY here:
  2. HERE is the entire functionality:


  1. Contacts created under the Contacts section in Active Campaign:
  2. Lists created under the List section in Active Campaign(Course-specific):

NOTE: To make the lists visible in the Lists section you have to give permission in Active Campaign:

this will show all the lists in the Lists section in Active Campaign.

refer this:

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  1. Anton

    Is it possible to add the option to add the CourseID as a tag to a user, instead of putting them in seperate lists? With 400+ courses, it would be to many lists to manage properly, tagging would be a better system.
    So instead of adding a user to a course list, add a tag to user.

    1. The lists are created one by one. So, you can click sync button multiple times, even if the process breaks in between, clicking “sync”/create lists in active campaign will be finished.
      For example, you have 400 lists, you click the “Create list in active campaign button” , the process hangs but it will create 50 lists for 50 courses in one click. Reload the WP admin screen and click on the button again, the sync will start from 51st course.

  2. Hi,
    Do the contacts and lists sync automatically or should we do it manually each time someone buys a course or a new course is created?

  3. dan

    Will this plugin allow me to add a tag to a user upon course sign up and then pass that tag onto ActiveCampaign?

    Sign up free course > tag in WordPress > tag is passed to their account in AC > trigger automation

    One of the more powerful features in ActiveCampaign is their tagging system that allows me to to trigger automations. This is helpful for marketing where for instance, they sign up for a free course, but I want to send them email marketing to sign up for paid courses that are related to their interest.

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