WPLMS Batches Introduction

The Batches plugin is one of most exciting addon plugin for WPLMS. It aims to make WPLMS suitable for Schools, Universities, Corporates and much more. Until now there was no concept of classes in WPLMS and there was a need to categorise students in sub-groups for courses. Since WPLMS is based on BuddyPress, we had groups functionality already available to us via BuddyPress and we used it to create batches.

Following use cases are covered by Batches :

  1. Instructor Led classes
  2. Course Classes with different Start dates
  3. Multi-Subject Classes with Time table 
  4. Corporate Training Classes with Mentors
  5. Exclusive Courses for certain Students


1. Instructor Led Classes

Problem Statement : You’re running a Course on Software training which is being taught by Instructors A,B and C.

Solution using Batches : You can create Batches for each of the instructor and users can enrol in the batch based on their preference.

Additional Tip : Use Instructor pic as Group featured image, for easy identification of batch.


2. Course Classes with different Start Dates

Problem Statement : You’re running a Course on Software training which is being taken in Batches. The Batches start every month, so you have classes/student groups Starting on 1st Jan, 1st Feb, 1st March etc.

Solution using Batches : You can create Batches for each of the class and set the Batch start date as 1st of the month for which you want the user to subscribe to.

Additional Tip : Enable the Batch exclusivity switch, so that users can not join or request membership for more than 1 batch of the course. Also enable accessibility of batch within the start/end dates.


3. Multi Subject Classes with TimeTable

Problem Statement : Just like a regular school class, you want to have group of students with various courses and you want to be able to track their performance in these courses.

Solution using Batches : Create batch, connect multiple courses in it, enable timing for class schedule and timetable.

Additional Tip : Set the Batch seats and timings for individual courses, for timetable and statistics. Also enable “Course access within Batch timings”, so courses can only be accessed within the specified times.


4. Corporate Training classes with Mentors

Problem Statement : Problem statement of #3 & you want to have group of students managed by Single User, this user has the power to add users to the batch and manage users.

Solution using Batches : Create batches set the managing user as Batch admin and follow #3.

Additional Tip : Set the Off schedule, and set weekly off days, monthly off days and Annually off days, the days on which the  batch is not available.


5. Exclusive Courses for Certain students

Problem Statement : You want to enable course exclusivity that users with certain property can only view courses connected to that property. For example : Students in Mathematics department can only view courses connected to mathematics

Solution using Batches : Create batches add the students in the batch and enable setting “Students in Batch can only view courses connected to this batch”, note this “setting” itself is enabled by  another setting in WP Admin – LMS – Settings section “Enable Batch course visibility switch”

Additional Tip : The users will only be able to see the courses connected to their batch however they can still subscribe to other courses via direct course links.



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  1. quanto

    All is good but, in my personal opinion, the name (“batch”) of this feature is a bit incomprehensible and even misleading. Maybe you should consider changing it to “class” (“division” or “department” are also possibilities)

    1. sherylwil

      I agree. In the educational world we call groups of students a “cohort” The word “batch” is offputting.

    2. James

      how do you change the name (“batch”). Would like to change it to something else like “department”

    3. deemau

      yep, “batch” is nonsensical term in this context, that will just confuse potential students.

  2. Ana_Todorova

    I read your post about the new batches add-on , which seems to be bringing some really useful features! I’m particularly interested in it as tool for enabling Corporate Training classes with Mentors, and my question is whether there is a way to prevent users assigned to one batch to see information about members, users, instructors, courses, forums, etc. assigned to other batches.

    1. Absolutely, there is a switch which hides all the non batch courses for batch users from the directory.

  3. 123testando

    Dear Support,

    I have look for the plugin in Wp admin – lms – settings – addons

    But have not found it.

    How is it possible? Do I have to install any thing so it will be shown?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. 123testando

    Dear Support,

    It worked after updating the plugins, not theme.

    But it is a paid plugin and I am not sure if it will do for me.

    So before I purchase it, could you answer my doubt, please?

    It says here in the plugin description:
    5. Set start date and end dates in batch with access restrictions within these dates.

    Does that means I can restrict students to access for instance a in-course Quiz between lets say
    May 5 at 11:00 till 12:00

    So students will have access only between this time to Quiz? Not before, nor after?

    Thanks again.

    1. No, it means restriction for the course that users can access the course between 5th May to 5th June, every day (you can set this) except Saturday, Sunday (you can configure the holidays) between 11:00-12:00. For course quiz you can enable start date-time for units and quizzes from lms – settings section.

  5. hemant_832003

    Can Instructor create batches for Offline students (means who are not doing any online course) ?

  6. vent2me

    Hello, I apologise if this has been asked before. But basically my course starts on the first Monday of each month. I am not sure the best way to tackle this. Do I create a start date in the course back end details?

    Or do I create groups or use batches? Will batches achieve what I am wanting to achieve? Ie. that students go into groups based on the next enrolment period? Do I need batches enabled to create groups?


    1. Yes that is possible via batches. You create the batches in the course, set the start date of the batch as first Monday of every month. Assign the users to the batch and then these users can only start the course at the specified Monday of the month.

  7. hemant_832003

    I am trying to buy Course Batches add-on but not able to buy due to error in payment through Paypal & PayU India. Is there any other option to buy this add-on ?

  8. Markcrocker

    This batches plugin has been a lot of trouble for me. It does not work as advertised and has not been worth the cost. I have spent hours trying to get it to work, and have requested support many times. I have not received any answers to my questions other than links that lead to videos that do not answer my questions. At this point I cannot recommend anyone to buy this add on.

    1. Would really like to help you, if you can create a support topic and explain things in detail.

  9. James

    How do I hide statistics for students and the number of members in batches?

  10. James

    How do I change the name “batches” : I cant find language file using the translation plugin?

  11. I want user to buy Batches instead of courses and users pays for batches. i can custom code if you guide me.

    1. Ok this is easy, and I think this should be available in the batches plugin itself. Track : trello.com/c/pOQg52xP

      1. When should i except this update i already bought this addon should i need to buy again.

          1. Hi there, I have downloaded the latest version, Could you please guide me how to configure the same. Would appreciate it. Thanks.

          2. Please share further information, what exactly you want to configure the video tutorials should be helpful in achieving what you’re trying to achieve.let me know if you need tutorial on any specific thing.

          3. i just want a flow where user need to select a batch before he buys a course.

  12. Skillspeed1992

    i Purchased wplms and configured it locally but batches are not showing could you plz help.

    1. Make sure the wp admin – settings – Buddypress – components – groups is enabled.

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