WPLMS Buy Batch Feature

In version 1.5 we have added a major feature in WPLMS batches plugin, the feature is called “Buy Batch”. As the name suggests this feature allows any user to purchase a complete Batch (class or reserve seats ) for selected Courses.

Use Cases :

  • A company or corporate wants to buy Courses for their X number of employees.
  • A re-seller wants to sell the courses from your site to X number of students.
  • Parent purchasing courses for their kids

How this Works : 

  • The user (logged in or non-logged in) opens a page with a form for purchasing the batch.
  • The form consists of a Batch name field, select courses field and number of seats field.
  • Based on the courses selected and the number of seats entered in the form, the price for the batch is calculated in real time.
  • The buyer clicks on purchase and lands on WooCommerce cart page and completes the checkout process.
  • After the order is complete, a batch is created with the selected courses and the number of seats.
  • The buyer becomes the administrator of the batch and manage the batch settings, the batch courses and the number of students in batch setting is hidden from the admin as these are fixed when the batch is purchased.
  • The admin can add and remove the students in the batch and keep track of their statistics.
  • The students of the batch get access to all the courses connected with the batch.

Example :  A corporate company wants to purchase some courses for their 50 employees at once and also wants to manage them or keep track of the employees.


Steps to setup the form:

  • Enable the buy batch setting from wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> enable buy batch.

  • Now in each course settings you can set the price per seat.

  • Now create a new page and add the shortcode [wplms_buy_batch] in it and publish the page.


User Flow:

  • User go to the page where the buy batch form is displayed.
  • User selects the courses.
  • User selects the seats.

  • User purchases the batch through woocommerce checkout page.
  • Now a private group/batch will be created automatically with the name as filled in the form and the buyer will become the administrator of the batch.
  • Now the administrator can add the 50 students in the batch and these students can do the course connected to the batch according to the timing set in the batch settings by batch administrator.

Note: In the select courses only those courses can be selected whose price per seat is set in the course settings. If there are 10 courses in the website and out of these only 5 courses have price per seat set in the setting, then only these 5 courses can be selected in the batch form.


  • By default the private group/batch is created but you can set the group to be created as public by adding the status attribute in the shortcode.

  • You can select which courses should appear in the select courses option. This case is suitable if there are 50 courses in your website but you want the user to choose from only 5 courses then you can provide the course ids in the shortcode separated by commas.

  • You can restrict the number of seats for the users by adding the seats attribute in the shortcode.

  • After the user purchases the batch, the user cannot change its number of seats and courses, as the batch was purchased for the fixed number of seats and courses. However if you want to sell the batch for unlimited courses and seats then add the buy_batch=0 (zero) attribute in the shortcode.

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  1. Danny

    Sounds good, something that I have been looking for.
    Are you able to create a video tutorial based on how a corporate manager should do to select courses, checkout, add students, see and followup on stats for each user etc.
    I´m planing to create a corporate offer and need some more insight of how it could work.
    Would be great with a video tutorial. 🙂

  2. haider717

    Hello, I see update versions for batches.
    My batch plugin is still on 1.4.1 how do i get the updates?


    1. Alex

      Hi @haider717,
      Please make sure that you have provided license key for wplms batches plugin in your wp-admin -> lms-> settings -> addons .If not then goto yourmy account on vibethemes.com ,then goto order ,find your license key and provide it there ,then check batches plugin for updates .

  3. Superbobrik

    Batches are amazing, as well as buy batch feature. Just purchased it and testing now.
    Some questions for future updates:
    -will it be possible to access all batches from admin panel and moderate them?
    -for now it is the process of buying batch is quite straight forward and if i got lots of courses it is difficult to filter needed ones, do you plan to add detailed search filter with categories to choose courses from? I got 150 courses now and the number is increasing and it would be much easier for user to first choose category, then sub category, then course, like the way user does this on all courses page
    -if user (as in my example it is teacher), buyes batch and courses for a class of 30 students, then adds the students to this batch, and after some time he wants to purchase other courses for his students but does not want to go through the process of gathering the whole class together again, is it possible to purcashe new courses for the current batch from one user (teacher)?

    1. H.K. Latiyan

      You should create a forum topic in wplms batches forum, you’ll get much faster response there.
      Yes the admin can access all the batches, in the wp admin area also there are groups in wplms the groups works as batch.
      No, right now its not possible to to select the category, you can only select the courses .
      There is no such option to purchase the courses for a batch lateron, but as an alternative the teacher can manually pay the admin and then the admin can edit the batch and connect more courses in it.
      You can also set the batches for unlimited courses for a fixed price, please check the last variation in the above tutorial. You can set the buy_batch attribute to 0 (zero) and then the teacher can add any number of courses later on in the batch by themselves.

  4. jackaustralia2019

    I found two issue with WPLMS batch plugin,
    1. It doesn’t correlate the available seats in the course. For example, I have a course “ABC” and it has 5 seats. If I enabled batch feature for this course, then a user can purchase more than 5 seats as a batch. So number of seats functionality is not working with the batch in a course.

    If a user has purchased 5 seats as a batch for a course, then he can add only 5 members in that batch, but again there is no limitation, he can add more than 5 members. That’s not right.

    Can you help me regarding these issues?

    1. Thanks for reporting , we’re checking this case. Does your batch have a seat limit ?
      As soon as a student is added in the batch, if there is a batch seat limit then the course seat limit does not apply for the user.

      A course can have a seat limit of 5 with each batch having seat limit of 5. So with 5 batches, a course can have 5×5 members in batches and 5 enrolled in the course.

      To stop this, enable the setting in course that a student must be a batch member to enrol in the course.

  5. jackaustralia2019

    No, batch doesn’t have a seat limit separately, only course have seat limit. I am not creating batches separately, I just add price in “Price Per Batch Seats” in the course. It allows user to buy a batch for that course – http://makemywebsitewerribee.com.au/jackaustralia/buy-batch/
    There is only one option to limit seat in course i.e “Total number of Students in Course”, so it should be applicable for both case – when user buy a course or a batch.

  6. I have set up the batch form. But after purchasing a batch, I can’t see the associated course’s content. I have read the documentation and couldn’t find the solution for this. Can you please tell, what setting I need to do for this?

  7. jackaustralia2019

    Issue regarding access course’s content

    When a user purchases a batch of a course, no course is displayed under courses tab in user’s account. It shows batch name under group tab. I can add members but how they will access courses content for which batch was purchased.

  8. jackaustralia2019

    One more crucial issue, when a user buys a batch, it creates a product in woocommerce backend. Now if user doesn’t proceed the payment, still that product persists in the backend – http://makemywebsitewerribee.com.au/jackaustralia/product/11-dec-test/
    And even if the user proceeds the payment, that product persists in the backend. Should it automatically not be removed? Otherwise, there will be a lot of products in backend and no use of theirs.

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