WPLMS Course Custom Nav Plugin

Please download the plugin from here: WPLMS custom course nav plugin.

With this plugin you will  be able to :
1. Hide/Show course settings in front end and back end as well .
2. Create custom sections in course.

Note : ” Hide/Show course settings” will only apply only for instructors not admins.


1. Please download the plugin that is attached above and install the plugin by going to your wp-admin  dashboard -> plugins -> add new -> upload plugin. After installing please activate the plugin .
2. After activation you will be able to see the ” Course navigation” option in the the LMS menu in backend .

How To Use

First of all please note that the hide show course settings feature will work for instructors only .
Admin will see all the settings always .

There are two settings screen in this plugin .
One is for Custom course section  and other for  Course creation settings (hide/show).

1. Custom sections :
This will add a new custom section in your course .
a. To begin with just click on “Add section” section .
b. It will show a form to add a section which will have  5 settings namely :

i. Section title
ii. Section slug : For the slug and permalink settings .This must be unique and does not contain any spaces .

iii. Section description iv. Section courses(in which courses it should be visible)
v.Section visibility (to which users it will be visible) .



c. After filling the section info click on add section button at the bottom of the form .

d. It will add the section .Similarly you can add as many section you want to .
Sections will be saved only when you click on Save section button .


e. You can edit or remove sections By clicking on the edit and remove links .

Imp note : Please do not forget to re-save permalinks after each section you save by clicking on save section button .
2. Front end course creation .
this screen will show the show hide and defaults values for the course settings that you will hide .

a. All the course settings will be listed and their corresponding hide/show with default values .
PS : leave default value as blank if you do not want any defaults .
b. There are some settings for which defaults are not available as they can be saved as blank .
c. Just select the settings that you want to hide show in front end as well as back end for instructors .

For example i will hide and set defaults duration and its parameter from instructors .
It will not show for instructors in front end course creation or edition .


Imp Note : Please note that if any settings are added or removed in course then please re-save the hide/show settings again as more settings can be added to the course by using this tip .
It is necessary that if you hide any settings you must provide default value in it  to avoid any conflicts.

Download Link: WPLMS custom course nav plugin.

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  1. Amine Richer

    Thanks for this plugin ++
    *is it possible in the further developmlent of this plugin to Hide/Show a specific setting by user role (for websites giving to users roles more than just instructors/students ) ??

    Thanks in advance

  2. holycow

    Thanks, this is great! Is there a way to be able to enable full WYSIWYG editor for the new custom section, ie. so the Vibe Shortcodes can be added here?

  3. HorizonCME

    I’m not able to download the plugin because it says there’s a virus in it. How can I resolve this?

  4. cristinawoodwplms2

    When I try to download the plugin WPLMS Course Custom Nav Plugin it doesn’t give me the .zip file. How can I resolve this problem?
    Thank you

  5. daammon


    I have downloaded and used that pluggin to create a section and it worked. Now, I want to add a WP editor box to that section. I need to include text and pictures on it. How can I do it?


  6. David

    Friends, I installed and activated the plugin, but when save and see the results does not work, the options are still present

    1. Check the Privacy settings for Course nav, also try reloading the page and re-saving permalinks.

  7. Jellybean70107

    Please help! I am trying to find where this setting “Course Navigation” is now. Has it been removed? I do not see it where the picture shows it is.

  8. Marouane EL MOUTAKI

    Is this plugin compatible with the last version of wplms and wordpress 5.3 ? i tried to hide “Course duration parameter” for example and it still exists in course creation page or edit course page.
    Any help

  9. buging222

    Same here. all the changes i saved are not reflecting on the course creation page.
    I’m using the latest version of wplms and WP 5.3. thanks

    1. buging222

      nevermind..i was logged in as admin thus not reflecting

  10. zatakk

    Hi Is this working on latest version of WPLMS as well ??

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