WPLMS Course Custom Nav Plugin

Now compatible with Wplms V4

V4 compatible plugin download link : https://bit.ly/3ACsEgi

Please download the plugin from here: https://wplms.io/downloads/wplms-custom-course-nav/

With this plugin you will  be able to :
1. Hide/Show course settings in front end and back end as well .
2. Create custom sections in course.

Note : ” Hide/Show course settings” will only apply only for instructors not admins.


1. Please download the plugin that is attached above and install the plugin by going to your wp-admin  dashboard -> plugins -> add new -> upload plugin. After installing please activate the plugin .
2. After activation you will be able to see the ” Course navigation” option in the the LMS menu in backend .

How To Use

First of all please note that the hide show course settings feature will work for instructors only .
Admin will see all the settings always .

There are two settings screen in this plugin .
One is for Custom course section  and other for  Course creation settings (hide/show).

1. Custom sections :
This will add a new custom section in your course .
a. To begin with just click on “Add section” section .
b. It will show a form to add a section which will have  5 settings namely :

i. Section title
ii. Section slug : For the slug and permalink settings .This must be unique and does not contain any spaces .

iii. Section description iv. Section courses(in which courses it should be visible)
v.Section visibility (to which users it will be visible) .



c. After filling the section info click on add section button at the bottom of the form .

d. It will add the section .Similarly you can add as many section you want to .
Sections will be saved only when you click on Save section button .


e. You can edit or remove sections By clicking on the edit and remove links .

Imp note : Please do not forget to re-save permalinks after each section you save by clicking on save section button .
2. Front end course creation .
this screen will show the show hide and defaults values for the course settings that you will hide .

a. All the course settings will be listed and their corresponding hide/show with default values .
PS : leave default value as blank if you do not want any defaults .
b. There are some settings for which defaults are not available as they can be saved as blank .
c. Just select the settings that you want to hide show in front end as well as back end for instructors .

For example i will hide and set defaults duration and its parameter from instructors .
It will not show for instructors in front end course creation or edition .


Imp Note : Please note that if any settings are added or removed in course then please re-save the hide/show settings again as more settings can be added to the course by using this tip .
It is necessary that if you hide any settings you must provide default value in it  to avoid any conflicts.

Download Link: WPLMS custom course nav plugin.

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