This addon plugin integrates WPLMS with MyCred points system and also adds gamification options to award points to users on certain criteria.

Note : Requires WPLMS 1.8.2 +

Features which comes with the AddOn Plugin :

  1. Set Pricing for Course in terms of Points
  2. Set a custom Points subscription period
  3. Auto deduct points when subscription expires or send a notification/messages and an email to renew points or subscription is cancelled.
  4. Purchase Course using MyCred Points
  5. Adds a referral link using which users can gain points on referring other users.
  6. Given points on user registration and buddypress activities.
  7. Adds Dashboard simple stats widget, shows points and last 5 transactions
  8. Add Dashboard Points Stats widget, adds a full graph of points status with activities which impacted points calculation.
  9. Awards Instructors commissions based on points.
  10. Adds Gamification Options :
  1. Set points criteria with defining global maximum use, maximum use per user, points criteria expiry period
  2. Give points on Course/Quiz/Assignment/Unit Start/Finish (specific or general)
  3. Give/deduct points on Course evaluation, highest marks, lowest marks, marks greater/lower than, earning of badge/certificate

STEP 1. Install the MyCred Plugin

  1. Go to WP Admin -> Plugins -> ADD New
  2. Search for “MyCred”
  3. Install and activate the plugin

STEP 2. Install the WPLMS MyCred AddOn Plugin

  1. Download the plugin from here : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wplms-mycred-addon/
  2. Install and activate the plugin

STEP 3. Configure MyCred Plugin

  1. Go to WP Admin -> MyCred -> AddOns -> Enable components you want, recommended ones are buyCred, WPLMS
  2. Go to WP Admin -> MyCred -> Settings configure settings as per your requirements.
  3. Go to WP Admin -> MyCred -> Hooks , enable and configure hooks to award points to users as per your requirements.

STEP 4. Add WPLMS Points criterias

  1. Go to WP Admin -> MyCred -> WPLMS Points
  2. Add points awarding criteria as described above in Gamifiction options

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