Microlearning Training: Moving To Evidence-Based Approach To Learning

Ever noticed how your learner’s attention wanders off midway while training? Why can’t your learners remember everything that they are …Read More

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Trending Microlearning Training Rules To Follow In 2022

Microlearning is a quick and microscopic approach when it comes to delivering just-in-time training to the learners. It takes the …Read More

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5 Reasons To Include VR & AR In Your Online Training

Another year, another learning trend, are you excited? This year, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are going to rule the …Read More

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5 Types Of LMS Integrations That Streamline Your eLearning Business

Do you own a LMS for your eLearning business? If yes, you can facilitate better learning experience to enhance their …Read More

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Why Build Learning Community For Remote Learners Using Social Sites

In today’s hybrid world, social networking sites play a greater role in eLearning. Building a learning community helps in collaborative …Read More

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Progressive Web Apps: The Future Of eLearning

People are burned out by all the unnecessary apps on their smartphones as they used to be. The download rates …Read More

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5 Ways To Keep Employees Motivated For Learning In The Remote Working Era

Continuing and maintaining the “office” structure remotely is a challenging task for many organizations. Today, most organizations worldwide are operating …Read More

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Benefits Of Using Gamification In Your eLearning Courses

In eLearning, Gamification is an approach to design game-based training courses for the learners. Gamification is becoming more popular in …Read More

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Mobile Learning: Improve Accessibility Of Your Learners

Do you know the major cause of failure of eLearning or online training? I know there are a lot of …Read More

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Top 5 LMS Trends To Drive Learners Engagement

The adoption of eLearning and online learning is going higher everyday. The LMS remains central to the delivery and tracking …Read More

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