5 Ways To Keep Employees Motivated For Learning In The Remote Working Era

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Benefits Of Using Gamification In Your eLearning Courses

In eLearning, Gamification is an approach to design game-based training courses for the learners. Gamification is becoming more popular in …Read More

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Mobile Learning: Improve Accessibility Of Your Learners

Do you know the major cause of failure of eLearning or online training? I know there are a lot of …Read More

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Top 5 LMS Trends To Drive Learners Engagement

The adoption of eLearning and online learning is going higher everyday. The LMS remains central to the delivery and tracking …Read More

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BlackFriday Sale is Here ! 30% off on Entire WPLMS.

This is that time of the year when the discounts are raining. The. most awaited WPLMS deal is out. Use …Read More

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5 Tips To Build A Supportive Online Community For Your Online Training

Do you want to provide an immersive learning experience to the learners? Building an online community helps your learners to …Read More

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How To Make Your Microlearning Training More Effective

Are your microlearning training courses able to engage the learners? If not, then your microlearning training strategy needs to take …Read More

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How Microlearning videos deliver better engaging Learning Experience

Videos are everywhere. Most of the learners prefer watching a video rather than reading a text document.  Today, videos are …Read More

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How To Design A Well Crafted Microlearning Training Courses

Are your learners losing interest in the middle of training? Whether you are delivering long courses that take hours to …Read More

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How Microlearning Training Facilitate Engagement Of The Learners

Are your courses left uncompleted by the learners? Does your eLearning courses facilitate the engagement of the learners? Microlearning training …Read More

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