How Competency-Based Learning Bridging The Skills Gap Of Learners

May 27,20

As an online course creator, your all efforts to provide a rich learning experience will go to waste if the …

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Four Reasons To Invest In An LMS For Your eLearning Courses

May 5,20

Do you own an eLearning business and looking for an LMS? eLearning courses are more valuable when they are delivered …

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5 Key Benefits Of Training Your Employees With An Enterprise LMS

May 4,20

In this competitive age, every enterprise LMS wants to train its employees about their products and services to get the …

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How WPLMS Adds More Power To Your ILT Courses

Apr 29,20

Are you still using ILT (Instructor-Led Training) courses for the learners? With the advancement of technology, your ILT courses need …

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How To Improve Learners Retention Rate In eLearning Courses

Apr 21,20

With the advancement in the field of education, eLearning courses have opened up many opportunities for the learners. A successful …

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How Interactive Learning Templates Makes Your eLearning Engaging

Apr 15,20

Do you ever think of making your eLearning courses better? Interactive Learning Templates make your eLearning better and meaningful. These …

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Interactive eLearning Platform: To Make Your Courses More Powerful

Mar 13,20

We all know that good content is very important but how will you engage your learners with your courses? I …

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How To Choose An LMS For A Better Training

Feb 18,20

Are you still facing difficulty in managing your training programs? As an online course developer, it becomes easy to deliver …

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How To Customize Your eLearning courses Experience

Feb 11,20

Today’s learners are more attracted to the eLearning courses that are specially designed and customized for them. In order to …

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Why Engagement Of Learners Matters For your Online Courses

Jan 23,20

Do you want to engage more learners with your online courses? Almost every online course creator wants to create a …

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